Books 1 & 2 of Scott Lynch’s Gentlemen Bastards Series (I haven’t read #3 yet but plan to)

Thieves prosper, the rich remember. So goes the motto of the Gentleman Bastards, a league of Robin Hood-esque bandits who steal from the rich and give to…well, themselves. Each one of the Gentleman Bastards was plucked from the mean streets of Camorr as a young orphan and trained in larceny by Father Chains, a priest of the Crooked Warden. They aren’t ordinary thieves, but thieves on a holy mission. It’s their calling to make certain the rich stay humble, that they do not forget that even they are not safe from the ill chances of life, and should not forget those less fortunate. But after years spent successfully robbing Camorr’s elite upper classes blind, the Gentleman Bastard’s own luck takes a turn for the worse leaving the surviving members penniless and on the run. I’ve only read the first 2 of the series but loved both. Scott Lynch’s fast-talking and inventive thieves are intelligent, audacious, and endearing; criminals with hearts of gold as it were, and the scene crafting absolutely seamless and compelling. Full of both humor and pathos, balanced with plenty of action and swordplay, and a cast of engaging if slightly shady characters, this series could easily make the transition to the big screen (or medium screen) and be a hit. Seriously, are you listening Peter Jackson?…HBO?

Book 1 The Lies of Locke Lamora

Book 2 Red Seas Under Red Skies

Book 3 The Republic of Thieves


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